• Firstpoint - your strategic communications partner - can help you protect, enhance and build your brand reputation.

    We’ll work with you to craft the right message, create a compelling story and communicate it in a tone and language that your audience understands.

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    International communications, B2B social media, personal branding

    We understand the challenges involved in communicating to a geographically, politically, culturally and socially disparate audience.
    We also understand the wealth of possibilities.

    If you’re not ‘talking digital’ as part of your communications strategy you’re in danger of losing key audience share to your


    You need engaging content that builds a relevant, consistent story and targets your messages to key influencers.


    Social media has become an essential part of the business world.

    When it comes to digital marketing for professionals, LinkedIn and Twitter are currently the dominant social media networks.

    Your LinkedIn profile is not just there as an online CV to find a potential new job. It can become a powerful tool to get you noticed and nurture your network of contacts.

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